After leaving JEA in 2003, when their first son was born, Hillary chose to temporarily leave her career and focus on raising a family.  While she loved being a stay at home mother, she missed challenging herself and decided to reach out to former clients hoping to provide engineering services part time.  Eventually, through word of mouth (and excellent client service), one client grew to many clients and what she called her “nap time job” grew quickly, as well as their family as they welcomed their first daughter in 2005.

The Spring of 2006 brought with it a big contract with the Duval County School Board rehabilitating failing grease traps and drainage remediation projects at multiple schools.  Hillary and Eric had always dreamed of working together and by October 2006, Eric, on a leap of faith, left his job and together they formed Almond Engineering, PA.  While Hillary provided the utility expertise, Eric brought with him an extensive amount of experience in the area of land development, drainage/storm management design and permitting.  Their combined experience quickly provided the ability to service a wide range of clients ranging from residential, commercial and industrial developers.

We started on a prayer and giant leap of faith, and in no time began to expand not only our staff, but again our family, welcoming our third child in 2008.

Since 2006, Hillary and Eric have enjoyed growing the company to include talented engineers, designers, draftsmen, environmental scientists and construction inspectors to our team.