Our Services

Zoning & Entitlement

Almond Engineering routinely handles land entitlement issues for the vast array of our clients. We have successfully applied for and lobbied local municipalities on many types of land use and zoning entitlement projects including Land Use Amendments, Conventional Rezonings, Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), Zoning Variances, Exceptions, and Administrative Deviations.

St. Marks Episcopal Church and Day School

Master plan development to unify St. Marks Episcopal Day School with St. Marks Episcopal Church. Beautification included abandoning rights of way that separated the two campuses and incorporating walkways, parking spaces and innovative solutions to stormwater management for a campus with very limited space. Successfully obtained the rights to use the public right of way for parking with pervious pavers to improve parking and traffic circulation needs.

Goodwill – Blanding Boulevard

Almond Engineering master site planned the proposed Goodwill Donation and Retail Center. Prior to commencing full engineering design, we had successfully filed a Small-Scale Land Use Amendment and Companion Rezoning Application to allow for the additional commercial nature of the project.